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Are you struggling with learning English?

Are you looking for actionable tips on how to be efficient and successful?

If you are interested in learning a language the smart way, rather than the hard way, you've come to the right place.

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I can serve in various ways

  • Grammar and Vocabulary: Resources to master grammar rules and expand vocabulary
  • Writing Improvement: Access to writing tips and exercises to enhance writing skills
  • Language Learning Tips: Valuable advice on how to learn languages effectively and efficiently
  • Study Plans: Guidance on creating personalized study plans tailored to learning goals
  • Language Coaching: English Study Helper may offer language coaching services to provide personalized guidance and support
  • Learning Resources: Links to useful language learning resources, books, apps, and coursesJoin me to level up your English!

Meet the founder of English Study Helper

Magdalena Kolarova is the founder of English Study Helper.

As a linguist who speaks four languages, she knows how languages work.

So, she designed her own strategies!

Her approach isn't just about the language; it's about having the right mindset and tools to succeed.

She not only covers grammar and vocabulary rules but also shows ways to learn how to learn effectively.

With her guidance, you can master languages the smart way.

Her mission is to empower English learners by providing practical tools, techniques, and creative ideas, all while pursuing her own path towards financial independence and success.

How Did She Do It?

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