I have a Master’s Degree in Education - majoring in Linguistics combined with diplomas in Social Work and Small Business Entrepreneurship.

Certified in administrating, interpreting and scoring Level B Assessments such as Strong Interest Inventory, Who Am I?,  and Personality Dimensions Workshop

Throughout my career, I`ve worked as a language teacher, a principal, and an editor, however, I always find myself going back to my passion - Linguistics.

I published my tutorials and self-study books on the topic of "How to learn languages on your own".

The English self-study books and German self-study for kids received great responses and feedback, which greatly motivated me to continue doing what I do.


I currently live in Toronto with my husband and three kids ( five, if you count our two dogs).

Coming to a new country was a challenging experience for my family.

You have to start your life from square one.

I should write an inspirational novel about my experience one day! 

I decided to enroll in a college ESL program to improve my language skills as English proficiency is crucial to achieving your career goals.

It was difficult to take care of my family and to be a good student, but when you have the motivation and effective time management you can make any dream come true.

I was eager to continue my education and applied for Social Work Diploma Program.

It wasn't easy, but I passed the required English test and was accepted in the program.

The English academic level and communication with native speakers were a challenge, but I put a lot of effort into it and graduated with honors.


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A year later, while taking the program Small Business Entrepreneurship, a like-minded classmate and I established a not-for-profit organization, whose mission was to help newcomers to adapt to their new country.

As language is one of the biggest obstacles newcomers face I wrote easy-to-read, self-help books on topics such as
"How to take my driving license",
"How to book an appointment",
"How to do my banking",
to help them get through everyday tasks and settlement milestones.

Now I am focusing on writing more ebooks where I share my experience and provide tips and strategies to help self-study English learners build and improve their language skills faster and more effectively.

The topics include

"Self-study Guide: How to create a learning action plan",

"How to learn English while cooking",

"How to learn English while traveling".

My new book "How to learn English while taking care of your health and wellness" is also coming soon.